How We Can Help? 

JWMcAvoy & Company. provides support in four broad categories aimed at driving new qualified leads and bolstering sales

Retainer Relationship

JWMcAvoy & Company assists management in defining and redefining their company’s sales targets by drawing on over two decades of experience. With the aim of driving new qualified leads and increasing sales, we will research and build or update a database of key prospects with related contact information. JWMcAvoy & Company will make initial and follow-up calls to prospects, maneuvering the administrative labyrinth and identifying principal decision makers. Our objective is to expand “warm” account relationships and target “cold” potential clients by approaching other buying centers and mapping out a sensible and strategic plan of attack.


Onsite Training/Consulting (L.E.A.D.S.™)

  • We provide a highly interactive five-stage learning process for your sales team/call center to learn and apply prospecting skills. As we know, to make sure learning can be applied back on the job, the session will emphasize practice/application of concepts to real account situations. This requires a well thought out logic, design and participant materials to support the free exchange of ideas.
  • If this sounds relevant to you, we would like to provide your team with a 1-day(s) session to help them improve their prospecting confidence and skills.

Business Situation Continued...

Examples of prospecting activities include thoughtfully planning what firms and geographies to approach, crafting various campaigns to targeted prospects and “artfully” advancing the dialogue once contact has been established to intrigue them to learn more about your firm’s capabilities.

An article from concluded that making effective sales calls is one area where salespeople fall short. One study of nearly 2,300 sales leaders found that:
  • 67 percent of sales professionals believe their sales teams aren't making enough calls to add good leads to the sales funnel
  • 6 out of 10 say their sales departments aren't qualifying leads as well as they should.

Despite countless creative approaches and scores of research reports, the ability to reliably generate new insights to consistently “impact the numbers” remains a universal source of frustration.

The message is clear: The majority of sales managers and sales professionals will tell you that they need more qualified leads. This is what JWMcAvoy & Company Ltd. does.


What does L.E.A.D.S.™ mean?
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