“Jim McAvoy has the experience, skill, and interpersonal qualities to understand client pain-points, position a solution value proposition, and generate important impact for sales professionals. Jim has proven sales competency and lead generation ability. Jim has a can-do attitude, is a quick study and a good communicator, is highly proactive, and is focused on the sales professional’s metrics for success.”

Nelson Rockefeller, Jr.
Former Executive Vice President
Intrepid Learning

"In the two years I worked directly with Jim, he added a tremendous amount of value to our organization and was instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals. His knowledge of lead generation coupled with his own highly personalized and engaging style opened doors with our target market.

I was thoroughly impressed with how he combined best practice along with his insight on our sector to help us refine our strategy that resulted in building new relationships and deepen existing ones as well. Jim has a real knack for nurturing relationships with gatekeepers and generating interest from busy senior leaders—all done with ease, diplomacy, candor, tenacity and a positive, upbeat and optimistic outlook!"

Robert Salley
Harvard Graduate School of Education's Programs in Professional Education

"Jim McAvoy is the best. I have known him for years as a friend and business colleague and had the good fortune to engage him as he helped generate leads and as importantly helped our sales team improve their own lead generation and sales process capabilities.

Jim focuses on the all important fundamentals and with a deep understanding of the sales process, what works and what doesn't, and good old fashioned hard work and project execution, he gets it done. He adds value, makes your company shine, moves the sales needle, makes me and the team more effective, and is a pleasure to work with in the process. What else can you ask for?"

Peter A, Day
Chief Sales Officer

"I had the pleasure of working with Jim for almost two years and during that time he helped us with a number of pro-active lead-generation campaigns in multiple geographies & sectors. Jim's outbound process was sound and we appreciated his flexibility and willingness to adapt it to our internal marketing strategy and capabilities.

Jim's upbeat, can-do, entrepreneurial spirit meshed very well with our firm's culture and he offered value
equally with the upfront strategy and tactical day-to-day activities that included researching, calling, documenting and then sharing the data seamlessly with us.

I would encourage your firm to partner with Jim to help fill the top portion of your sales funnel and increase the probability of consistently making/exceeding your revenue targets."

Don Stone
Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
Plan Sponsor Advisors

“I have tapped into Jim's lead generation skills for my own business and on behalf of my largest client. He approaches every opportunity with enthusiasm and tenacity and lays out a vision for converting prospects into customers. When the Great Recession posed what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles, Jim's positive attitude and wise counsel helped lead us through the woods to become again a business that is not just surviving, but thriving."

Jean Hanvik
President & CEO
SGH Communications, Inc.

“Jim McAvoy is a remarkable sales professional whose polish and congeniality is an effective companion to his sharp mind, keen instincts and confident persistence. He not only made contact with prospective clients, he more importantly provided insights that helped shape our marketing strategy and the overall effectiveness of our business development efforts. In addition, Jim brings deep integrity and strong principles that rapidly establish him as a valued and trusted partner. I look forward to continuing our work with Jim.”

Erik J. Van Slyke
Managing Director
Solleva Group
building the capacity to lead change

“We enjoyed a productive three year relationship that resulted in a clear positive Return-on-Investment for our business. Throughout our partnership, Jim’s knowledge of the healthcare sector was both evident and useful and helped accelerate our success. Jim’s professional persistence with our prospects was also consistently recognized; and this provided that vital positive first impression of our corporate brand. It is important to note that Jim methodically built and cultivated a database that we view as invaluable and will help us for future marketing campaigns. In summary, I look forward to working with Jim again and I strongly recommend his services without hesitation.”

John J. Scholl, CLU, ChFC, AAI, REBC
Area President
Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc.
(A Division of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.)

“Jim brings a unique and valuable set of skills to lead generation which deliver quick and meaningful impact for the sales professional. His ability to operate from the perspective of the sales individual results in providing the sales person with not only a productive resource, but someone who can act as a coach during the process. Jim personally helped me to gain traction faster, handle a larger number of sales campaigns, and continually to improve the process of generating qualified meetings.”

Lorne Hamilton
Executive Director of Client Development
Intrepid Learning Solutions, Inc.

“Jim McAvoy brings an entrepreneurial spirit and is methodical, reliable, consistent, focused, persistent and true professional. For over two years Jim partnered with 9 sales professionals to help expand their opportunities (approaching 70% of the Fortune 500 companies)…which was key in helping us shape our marketing/sales strategy. In the future I would not hesitate to utilize Jim’s services.”

Cathie Kleve
Vice President ACS Learning Services (A Xerox Company)

"Jim McAvoy is a true professional. His good-natured candor and genuineness have made him a wonderful addition to our team. Jim has always delivered leads to us in a way that invited further dialogue with prospective clients. In addition, his research skills have been invaluable in developing a sales/marketing database for us. I recommend Jim, without reservation!”

Matt Brubaker
Managing Principal
The Foster Mobley Group

“Jim McAvoy is a true business partner and trusted advisor to The Foster Mobley Group, bringing his exceptional talent and frame-breaking optimism to bear on the development of our business. This guy gets it and lives it. As leadership guides to others in accessing their full genius, we can’t imagine working with anyone else to lead our sales and lead generation efforts. He makes things happen for us that were previously unimaginable.”

Foster Mobley
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
The Foster Mobley Group

“Jim has the rare combination of tenacity and diplomacy. He made calls for over two years without getting discouraged, opened doors for us, and was willing to listen as well as talk. His work led to some new client relationships and an updated database that will help with future marketing initiatives. I'd hire him again.“

Trisha Brambley
RESOURCES for Retirement
(A Division of National Penn Capital Advisors, Inc.)

“Jim pursues his targets like a depleted uranium-tipped projectile! My partners and I pointed him toward a short list of prospect companies, and he opened the door to what became two long-term and highly-profitable client relationships. A third client is now under development, all from Jim’s consistent, thorough, gentle and interpersonally-adept efforts.”

Steve Gang
Founder, President & CEO
Resonance Group
Find Passion, Find Profit

“Frankly, if we had to rely on our own focus, discipline and charm to generate new business leads, wed probably be out of business. Fortunately we can rely on Jim McAvoy, instead. Jim has a rare talent for being ruthlessly persistent with prospects without ever becoming annoying. Just as important, hes persistent with us. He keeps our new business efforts on track and frees us up to concentrate on delivering the goods for our clients.“

Bill Mount
Salem, Massachusetts


“Jim was the BEST speaker I had in business school. He gave me the most practical advice I've gotten here."

“The call yesterday with Jim McAvoy was a great experience. I was taking notes frantically because every little nuance of how Jim approaches his clients is masterful executed. That is the first in-class conference call I have experienced in all my classes at Chicago Booth - great idea - Thanks again Jim!”

“Your colleague who called in last night was fantastic, because he's done sales -- he's an expert in the field."

“I was one of those students attending Prof. Wortmann's class this evening at Gleacher center in Chicago and had the pleasure to hear you speaking. A short e-mail just to tell that I enjoyed A LOT your presentation. You are one of the few people I have heard speaking about their job in a way that it is truly inspiring, yet very simple (and over the phone). It is obvious that you love what you do and that what you do really matters to you. And this is very contagious...”


“As always, you killed it last night. The students just love your style and the way you answer questions. Here's the first piece of feedback from one of the guys who asked you a question. THANKS SO MUCH. You are a critical part of a course that is now one of the most popular at the business school (amazing, but true). The course sold out in the first round of bidding, which is unheard of for a new course.”

“You were a hit again last night, so I wanted to say thanks again for joining us. The students love your approach, and the review of tactics really gets them thinking about how they need to do this stuff. Thanks much!!!”

“Your presentation was great, as usual, Jim. You are a breath of fresh air and demonstrate a skill that the students have probably never even considered (with just a few exceptions). Thanks again for your time and willingness to participate.”

“Jim, you were informative, easy-going, and able to answer the students' questions in a way that they really understood. One of my students came up to me after class and said; "Please tell Jim that he was great. Everything he said made me realize what I need to do better. Tell him I'm putting his tools to work tomorrow." The others were engaged and nodding along with you, laughing and learning. Great stuff! Jim, thanks again. You provided these guys with a lot of value!"

MBA Graduate Student/Professor Feedback Following Guest Lecture at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Class: "Entrepreneurial Selling"
(The Nation's #1 Business School in 2008 according to The Economist)

“Jim is a lead machine! As a start-up we needed to quickly build a prospect database and gather initial feedback on our new software-as-a-service. Within 60 days, Jim provided us with feedback from dozens of prospective clients, qualified hundreds of names and positioned us for the next stage of business development. I highly recommend Jim to any company looking to jump-start their sales process.”

Jeb S. Hurley
President and CEO
Resonance Technologies, Inc.

"Jim brings insight and energy to lead acquisition. His hit rate is high and prospects enjoy and feel well served by the contact. From a name to an appointment, he was excellent; he helped us improve both customer retention and new customer acquisitions. He was also a great coach to both new and experienced account executives.

John W.  Humphrey
Humphrey Enterprises, LLC

former Chairman and Founder of Forum Corporation,
Where learning means business.)

"Jim McAvoy is the best lead generator/telephone sourcing professional I know!  He has worked with our firm and has helped us identify and contact many more individuals then we would normally have reached on our own.  He is hard working, understands business drivers and is extremely effective.  I highly recommend him to others."

Linda Dunkel
President & CEO
Interaction Associates

“Nothing happens in business until contact with customers is established. Service-based firms are especially challenged with cutting through the noise so that they may have an opportunity to present themselves. Jim McAvoy is exceptional at establishing initial interest among target customers and advancing that interest into a real lead.

Jim’s reliable lead generation process involves gathering a deep understanding of the prospect’s business situation and he consistently gives that extra discretionary effort just as an owner would do. That makes all the difference!”

Craig Wortmann
Clinical Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
CEO Sales Engine (DBA "Experience Period, Inc.")
Author, "What's Your Story?"

"Jim has been supporting the growth of our business for more than a year. Jim's singular ability is to find joy in matching a prospective client with a vendor who can address a real need. To most of us, "cold calling" describes how vendor and prospect feel about the process. Jim has taken the "cold" out of the experience.

He applies a principled approach, seeking a genuine match between vendor and prospective customer. This works because it is genuine and is focused on the customer's interests, not the vendor's. Prospects quickly realize that he is for them and their needs. They sense Jim's authenticity and they respond to his friendly, open manner.

The sales process starts, then, with a sense of openness and possibility that reflects very well on us. It starts the process on a golden note. I cannot imagine how anyone could have a better process or attitude for generating qualified sales calls."

Principal, Learning Services Company

“Our experience working with Jim was completely positive. The number of prospects he was able to qualify for us during our crucial busy season has been a key component for the growth of our organization. Jim’s value to our organization is multi-dimensional: Not only are his high-energy lead generation skills excellent, but his attention to detail regarding information updates is most impressive. He seamlessly integrated into our workflow process and consistently delivered database updates on a regular basis. Jim McAvoy is a valuable partner and we look forward to working with him, again, in the future.”

Keith Lemer
WellNet Healthcare

"Jim is brilliant at building rapport, positioning our work, and exciting individuals to speak with us. I depend on him to generate new leads and help build our pipeline. He is also thorough, professional, business savvy and completely on the ball. All that and a joy to work with!"

From the Senior Director of Client Solutions
of a Learning & Development Firm

"Jim McAvoy is a strong businessman who has developed a very unique talent - developing new business for growing companies."

To many of us in business, the process of new business development is challenging, however, Jim has mastered the process and gets results.  From honing our value proposition to getting appointments with key decision makers, Jim has partnered with us to develop new business while transferring skills and methodology to our sales team.  He is helping us change the culture from order takers to pro active business leaders.

I feel very confident in Jim's ability to represent my company to new prospects because he has the qualities I want from everyone on my sales team -  he is smart, articulate, respectful of my time, knows how to efficiently size up an organization, makes a clear and compelling value proposition, and gets results with key decision makers.

From the Head of Sales
of a Learning & Development Firm

Partial Listing of Firms Secured
For My Clients
(Over $60,000,000 of
Incremental Revenue)
Ikea North America Services LLC
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
Brown-Forman Corporation
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Saint Peter's University Hospital (NJ)
Campbell Soup Company
Marriott International, Inc.
Harris Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
EMC Corporation
Sovereign Bancorp
Boston Scientific
Sealed Air
The Vanguard Group
Deloitte & Touche
Starwood (Sheraton)
GE Capital
Novartis, Inc.
JPMorgan Chase& Co
CTG Resources
Marsh, Inc.
Fallon Healthcare
Lehman Brothers
Merrill Lynch
Apple Vacations
Giles & Ransome, Inc. (CAT)
Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc. (AET)
Bally Ribbon Mills
North American Specialty Glass (NASG)

Orange County Public Schools (FL)

Hillsborough County Public Schools (FL)

Memphis City Schools

Walt Whitman Middle School (Brooklyn) 246

Foreign Language Academy of Global Studies (Bronx)

Ysleta Independent School District (TX)