JWMcAvoy & Company Ltd.

is solely focused on finding qualified leads for our clients. We provide a wide range of lead generation services aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the front-end portion of the sales function within an organization.

In today’s business world, companies of all sizes, in all sectors, consistently grapple with top-line growth. Highly paid sales professionals are hired to advance relationships, close deals and bring in revenue. Does it make sense to have these seasoned professionals spending their time on “cold calling” and other activities that are not as leveraged for their firms?

Salespeople consistently acknowledge that the initial step in most sales processes is prospecting. Traditionally, sales professionals do not like this activity, as they do not have the time nor the interest to efficiently and effectively execute the tasks associated with successful prospecting.

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Our firm was established in January 2004. We provide support in two broad categories all aimed at driving new qualified leads and bolstering sales:
Retainer Relationship

Onsite Training/Consulting (L.E.A.D.S.™)



JWMcAvoy & Company
focuses on addressing the timeless business challenge of building top-line growth. Increasing sales effectiveness is the most direct and surest way to accomplish this. And the surest way to achieve this is to provide sales professionals with a deep reservoir of qualified leads. This is exactly the service JWMcAvoy & Company offers.

I have known Jim McAvoy for over a decade and have been impressed with the passion and entrepreneurial spirit that he consistently has brought to his chosen area of lead generation.  He has dedicated himself to creating a reliable process for developing qualified leads which have been converted quickly into revenues.

Jim’s ability to truly listen and stay focused on his client’s needs is impressive.  His process is solid and I would highly recommend JWMcAvoy & Company without reservation to any of my counterparts and business associates.

Richard Whiteley
Principal The Whitely Group &
Co-Founder The Forum Corporation

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